Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Congress is corrupt. It has been owned by big business for generations; increasingly, it's also now controlled by a socialist agenda that threatens our very future and Constitution.
We don't need to attend pointless demonstrations like tax-soaked pawns, or spend $29.95 to send Pointless Pink Slips to Congress. Why wait for a radio personality to roll out his next "big plan" to restore America, when James Madison gave us a better plan, 220 years ago?

We can start putting criminals in their own State Penitentiary. We The People can push our own reform legislation through Congress, and like 67 million non -filers already have, we can close our checkbooks to a demonstrably corrupt IRS racket run by Congress.

We can all do our part, right from home, as a member of AmericaAgain!

Let's roll.